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first impressions + wedding invitations

The tradition of formally inviting guests to a wedding can be traced back through the centuries, but the method used has evolved quite a bit. For instance, historians note that in one of its earliest form in Old England, bidders announced the wedding celebration on the streets to passersby, inviting all to attend. In the 18th century, this progressed to people having their wedding invitations published in the local newspapers, while in the mid-19th Century, it is said that most couples had engraved wedding invitations hand-delivered to their guests.

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One of the first impressions of a wedding begins with the invites to your guests. The chosen invites can really set the tone for the type of affair you are planning as well as giving the first glimpse of your special day to your guests. Also, so many couples like their wedding invitations to be a item that their guests will remember and perhaps keep as a memento. So it is important to choose stationary that will reflect a beautiful and stylist occassion.

Here are five key steps to remember when chosing your wedding stationary:
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1. What is the setting?

When you are choosing wedding invitations, it may help you to consider the setting of your wedding. Whether you are having a formal black-tie event or a more casual outdoor wedding, there are all sorts of invitations that can reflect that setting. With an array of stationary available for brides, there are options to really costomise your invites. For example, a hand-painted invite would make a great option for those marrying at a particular venue such as a manor, castle or popular location with an invite displaying a specific image of the venue itself. If you are a bride planning a casual wedding is given the freedom to be creative and have a stationary tailored to fit the style of your special day.

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2. What are your colours?

Colouring is important. Again, this will set the tone of your wedding day so matching your wedding stationary is key. It will give your guests a lovely sneak peek and reveal a bit of your own personal taste and flair.

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3. What is your theme?

I'm not talking fancy dress themes here. Although, I understand that is some couple's cup o' tea (if a star wars themed wedding is crossing your mind, for the love of wedding planning, please reconsider). In terms of themed weddings, this is more of a collaboration of your setting, chosen colors and style that you are going for. Are you planning a modern, simple yet stated wedding? Perhaps you are going for soft lace and a more vintage feel for a garden wedding? Regardless of what you choose, tailoring your wedding invite to the style of your wedding is very complimenting to your day. Try to incorporate textures that you are including in your wedding into your invite or even the design of your flowers.


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4. Do you want photos?

Adding photos to your wedding invites is a great option for a fun and adventurous couple. Photo booth style photos are a sweet addition to an invite depending on the couple and their personalities. Couples can really have fun using photos and again set the tone for the type of wedding you are planning. Another option is to include a photo from your angagement photoshoot. This will make a great keepsake for your guests.


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5.What is your budget?

Wedding invitation can take a chunk from your budget. If you wonder what you should expect to spend on your wedding invitations, a lot depends on your budget, your taste and where you shop. Some experts say that you should allocate between 5 and 10 percent of your overall budget to your wedding invitations and related stationary expenses. This will greatly depend on your how much you plan to spend and the materials used. For instance, you might consider very formal engraved cards on the finest quality, heavy weight paper, or you may prefer an elegant wedding invitation with hand-pressed flowers. Regardless, of which is your chosen style, when choosing your wedding invitations, you also should consider the budget you have. Many couples are turning to Do-It-Yourself kits, which offer all of the pieces you will need to print your own wedding invitations at home and put them together yourself. While the price for this more creative approach is often comparable to some of the more basic professionally printed cards, by going it alone you can greatly up the quality of the materials you select without spending more than you can afford. My advice is the 'less is more' approach when creating your own invites. Keep it simple and elegant (put down the glue gun!) such a letter-press detailing, typography or hand stamped lettering and a candle wax seal. Your guests will appreciate the sentiment.

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