Tuesday, 14 February 2012

n o p l a c e l i k e h o m e

I'm far away from my birth land and this definately makes me miss it even more. Yes, London is amazingly well equipped with wedding style but, oh sweet J. Crew. Oh, how I miss thee! I need a New Yorker bride to be to hire me as their wedding planner. Ok, so I'd mostly just like an excuse to take a spin through J.Crew's new Bridal Boutique at 769 Madison Avenue in New York.

Top-to-bottom gorgeousness. The styling of the bookshelves, the clean lines of the brassy desk, the amazing floor detail...

More beautiful built-ins and fabulous flooring.

How stunning is the fur vest over the wedding dress on the left? Genius!

Unexpected blue paint creates a fun little vignette in what appears to be a dressing room. Take me there!

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