Wednesday, 22 February 2012

just peachy

This time of year always gets to me. A southern belle from Mississippi living a life admist grey skies and zero warm sunshine is tough. Ok, I get it. You are in London, Amanda. London. A girl needs vitamin D. Period. So my afternoons (while the twins are napping, of course) have been consumed with thoughts of sandy escapes, turqouise waters and cabana boys (I never said I do halves!).

For now, I settle for thought of the quickly approaching season of Spring, which suits England so very well. And, with Spring comes my obsession of pastels and in particular, peach.

Oh, sweet peach. I should have been born in Georgia.

I love it. Peaches, corals, those lovely edible shades. I need more in my life. Like this. Feast it. Feast your lovely eyes on this (yep, you can thank me later).

A cushion peach champagne sapphire set in rose gold.

I have to have this. Seriously, it has my name on it.

Ok, call me Veruca. Whatevs.

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